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If you don’t romance your customers, someone else will.

Brands must continually evolve, valiantly impact the world, and create value to prosper in today’s new era. You can choose to guide your brand toward that brave journey, or forfeit that power to your competitors.

Growing a valuable brand begins by creating a clear, compelling story that moves hearts, minds and actions. But when talking about their businesses, most people struggle to even start—often mired in jargon or marketing-speak that can make people run the other way.

Romantic crafts stories that endure, drive epic experience—and help people, brands and ideas prosper. Attract higher value customers. Elevate your market presence. Worthwhile adventures that make your customer world amazing, and pay dividends in profound ways.


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Russell W. Volckmann III

Russell W. Volckmann III

With far-flung background as ocean-enthusiast, rock climber, writer and travel-adventurer, Russell has helped brands tell their stories in ways that matter for over 20 years. Prior exploits include swim instructor and lifeguard; TV guest-host; Co-creating an award-winning photo-documentary on Alcatraz Island; Motion animator for TechTV and ZDTV; Musician-songwriter with a #1 song in Europe; Brand strategist to entrepreneurs, non-profits, global and Fortune 500 companies; Digital brand designer for Ziff-Davis, Origami, Landor and FCB; Aerospace and satellite equipment technician at HP; And investigative reporting for the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). He’s received the Businessman of the Year Award by the Congressional Business Advisory Council in honor of Top Business Leaders in the US. And in case you Googled him, yes he’s the grandson of Brigadier General Russell W. Volckmann, Sr., founder of the US Special Forces.

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Romantic [rəʊˈmæntɪk]

Emphasizes imagination, emotion;
Celebrates nature, the ordinary person,
and freedom of spirit; A desire for adventure.