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“Russell brings to the table a vast array of creative, business and digital talents… a contributor and a collaborator who is greater than the sum of his parts. He is the definition of the ‘can-do’ guy, someone who will do everything it takes to insure that a project is delivered to the satisfaction [of] his client… His deep understanding of branding and identity, his creativity, and his persistence helped us sort out a score of internal issues which had previously blocked us”
~ Lawrence Green, Landor Associates

“You were really inclusive and thorough in all of the background work. The curators, the development people, the events people—they all felt their voice was really heard. We were finally able to get something concrete that made sense. It made sense to everybody. Your honesty was just so exactly what we needed. That was hugely valuable.”
~ Kathy Budas, Marketing Director, YBCA

“Russell’s ability to digest a complex organization, its culture, analysis of data and targeted strategic thinking were crucial to repositioning the company for the future. During the process, Russell’s drive, determination and fresh intellectual approach were exciting to experience.”
~ Bob Wolf, Wolf Design Partners

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