The Alcatraz Exhibition

Prisoners of Age

An American Story

A daring creative
and cultural adventure.

This is a uniquely American story. Prisoners of Age is an ongoing tale and epic photo documentary of North American elderly inmates spanning nearly 20 years. Exposing a secret world hidden inside our own concrete and illusive cells, most Americans rarely get a glimpse—delivered to over 1,000,000 Alcatraz visitors.

At the invitation of the National Parks Service, this award-winning Prisoners of Age exhibition from photographer Ron Levine, designer Michael Wou, and designer/ storyteller Russell Volckmann was held over for an entire year on Alcatraz—shown July 2015 through January 2016 as a momentous new installation, replete with 70 mass-scale photographs, plus gripping anecdotes told by inmates, guards and penitentiary wardens.

US Rep. Jackie Speier

“Remarkable. Captivating. Shines a light on a growing crisis here in California and throughout the country.”

US Advisor, Jamie Fellner

Human Rights Watch


“A real gift to the prison reform
movement and to society.”

Russell W. Volckmann III

I‘d never done an exhibition like this before. Not on this massive scale. Enough photo-documentary banner expanse to fill a hall bigger than a football field. Over one million visitors expected. How to tell stories meaningfully, clearly, incrementally—so crowds can easily absorb and flow naturally through the exhibition without getting bottlenecked?

It was like writing an epic adventure screenplay, replete with all the archetypal characters imaginable. Identifying and sculpting an underlying compelling force. Then segmenting the journey into flowing, cohesive scenes.

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