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Winning brand adventures start here—the only brand strategy you will ever need.

Romantic guides you in a participatory proven brand strategy, positioning and messaging system for any size organization. You’ll discover critical insights, gain collective clarity, form unity of vision, and create strategic brand story assets that will make your business prosper. Together, we’ll deep-dive into the elements of making your brand adventure an epic one.


Core Brand Story

Core Brand Story platform crystallizes what your brand can truly do, be and become for your audiences—your essential, differential value. It is the principal foundation for all future communications, and puts abstract brand values in clear context. Easy to understand, remember, passionately feel, and share—your story will long outlive the memory of marketing-speak jargon or features and benefits.



Key messages expand aspects of your organization’s brand story—to inform, guide and inspire highly focused operational, sales and marketing messages for each target audience segment. For branded content in advertising, social, pitches, website, employee engagement, and beyond—with unlimited possibilities for guiding conversations and adapting to future business aspirations and expansions.


Products and services can take on a life of their own. Product Story is a narrative that can be the centerpiece for anything from product marketing to product packaging or product experience. Product stories: Affirm your customer’s worldview—emotive aspects of why people want to make your product experience part of their lives; Confirm proven wants or needs or reasons in order to rationalize decisions to buy what you offer.


Convey your brand’s purpose and difference, right smack at first glance. Elicit the emotion you want people to feel on first blush. Evoke your brand’s personality on contact. Taglines don’t replace great brand experiences, names or stories. But, taglines get people to listen, take notice, and remember what you do and why. Taglines remove the guesswork, and make your message crystal clear in quick, explicit terms.


Story Legend
$7K2-3 weeks
  • For those truly bootstrapping a startup, small business or non-profit. You need to generate amazing story and messaging ideas—and you don’t need taglines.
  • Up to...
  • Decision Makers (2)
  • Story Directions (2)
  • Core Brand Story (1)
  • Key Messaging
  • See the 7 steps

Story Epic
$37K6-8 weeks
  • The #1 choice for large or global companies who have enterprise- wide decision makers, have complex brand story and messaging needs, and require formal presentations.
  • Up to...
  • Decision Makers (5)
  • Story Directions (5)
  • Core Brand Story (1)
  • Product Story (10)
  • Key Messaging
  • Tagline Directions (20)
  • See the 12 steps

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