AT&T Japan
Is Created

AT&T initially entered into the Japan telecom market through a partnership with existing Japan telecom JENS—creating a joint venture with 25 major Japanese companies that launched the first commercial Internet phone services in Japan. After a new AT&T Japan (business) split from AT&T Jens (consumer), the new telecom wanted to transition into a b2b market for Internet solutions, and away from consumer telephony. We designed an image campaign and interactive experience that spoke to Japanese business connectivity needs.

AT&T Japan Story

AT&T helps put business in motion. Clients benefit from industry-leading services in Mobility, Network, Network Security, Cloud, Hosting, Voice, Unified Communications and Application services. All with local teams in Japan. On the ground. Ready to help.

Few telecoms in Japan have the global reach that businesses need when growing beyond borders. Mobilize people, assets and information with AT&T Japan—no matter where you are. AT&T supports multinational customers in Japan and across the globe.

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