Our Story

It’s really about you—and taking your business, brands and ideas on brave new adventures that move hearts, minds and actions.

Romantic works with company leadership to create clarity about what your vision stands for—and turn mere business into an adventure that people will do flips and twists to be part of. We seek first to understand you, your vision, customers and marketplace—then define the story of what makes your brand move hearts, minds and actions.

Status quo brand positioning is failing companies. Most agencies rely on obsolete positioning methods that are stuck in the past—even before your company starts applying a brand in today’s fast moving social world.

Romantic’s strategic story-based brand positioning gives companies an adaptable brand that is always clear and relevant no matter how the world changes around you—increasing your brand value in perpetuity.

Taking you to that thrilling edge of exploration, possibility—that landscape, mindscape, and heartscape—where few companies dare go. Capture clear knowledge to position your message in spaces not yet owned by anyone. Unprecedented insights about what the world thinks and feels. Craft your narrative in advance of emerging business and cultural trends that will connect with people that matter.

Brand story is not about spinning a yarn or fairytale. Rather, it’s authoring the adventure of what you can do, be, and become for audiences. Moreover, it charts the unfolding journey you and your customers value together—the human stuff of brand identity, transformation and creativity. A core brand story defines the essence of your purpose for being, and your calls to action. Encapsulating the ideas that move, inspire, and motivate your world.

A well told brand story increases brand value by an average of 2700% according to Harvard Business Review.

When your story is easily repeated and shared, you’ve resonated at the deepest level and created a powerful and purposeful story-based brand.

And when you work with Romantic, not only do you walk away with an epic brand story and brand experience—you’ll also help Romantic create adventures that make the world a better place. Learn more

Meet The Romantic

Founder, Russell W. Volckmann, III

Romantic’s founder Russell W. Volckmann III is a visionary strategist, helping valiant agencies, entrepreneurs, non-profits, global and Fortune 500 companies to win at adventures of heart, mind and business. A hopeful brand Romantic.

Russell W. Volckmann III

Russell has helped create exceptional brands—and tell their stories in iconic ways for over 20 years. As brand strategist, designer, and digital brand guru to entrepreneurs, non-profits, global and Fortune 500 companies, your business will benefit from his deep and wide knowledge and wisdom honed from his many winning brand adventures. Russell brings insatiable curiosity and enthusiasm in his dedication to helping your brand grow.

With far-flung background as ocean-enthusiast, rock climber, writer and travel-adventurer, prior exploits include: TV guest-host; Co-creating an award-winning photo-documentary on Alcatraz Island; Television and advertising motion animator; Director/ strategy/ design for top agencies such as Ikonic, Landor, Organic, Origami and FCB; Aerospace and satellite tech at Hewlett-Packard; Musician-songwriter with a #1 song in Europe; Swim instructor and lifeguard; And investigative reporting for the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

Russell’s received the Businessman of the Year Award by the United States Congressional Business Advisory Council in honor of Top Business Leaders. And in case you Googled him, yes he’s the grandson of Brigadier General Russell W. Volckmann, Sr., founder of the US Special Forces.